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Eventify is a state of the art Experiential & Events Agency with a difference

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Who is Eventify

Eventify is a state of the art Experiential & Events Agency, known for it’s astute planning, memorable concepts & designs and flawless execution. Eventify comprises a diverse and creative team of trusted event professionals. Carefully selected artisans, caterers, designers and stylists, AV personnel, Technical Directors, stage managers and much more. They are the personnel that work collaboratively along with us to create, build and activate our unique experiences and events.


Eventify operates under the guidance of Creative Director Stuart Katzen.Stuart has produced and managed 100’s of events both around Australia and overseas, all to huge success.<br />
Stuart’s history as an actor and director means that Eventify always brings a sense of storytelling, theatre and dramatic creation to all events.With Eventify, nothing is left to chance, every detail counts.From the start, Eventify will invest the time needed to understand your commercial and public objectives and work together with you to design, create and activate a project that will cut through the noise in the marketplace, positioning you as you intend and as you want to be seen by your market.Eventify understands that there are two sides to every event. The creative side, the story telling, the experience, but every event, or activation also has business side. A part that is defined by budget, logistics and reality. Both need to work together to create a successful outcome. Understanding that, is the key to success.With access to the latest technology and a fundamental understanding of design and dramatic theatre, Eventify delivers with a difference.Working collaboratively, Eventify has the ability to deliver experiential events of any size and complexity, offering unsurpassed service and delivering an experience your guests will not forget.Given a clear intent and a realistic budget, your event will be one that will last long after the last guest leaves.At Eventify we believe creating a great event is about innovation, rather than aspiration

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Stuart Katzen
Owner & Creative Director
Stuart Katzen

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