From the big picture to the smallest detail, Eventify is known for it's ability to transform the normal into the extraordinary

From our comprehensive briefing process, to our results oriented procedures, we will ensure your launch is everything you envisaged.

At Eventify we understand the importance of Brand and Product

At Eventify we understand the importance of Brand and Product

Activate with Confidence

At Eventify we understand there are two sides to conferences and both are equally important
Eventify specialises in managing and realising the process from concept to delivery. Making sure that every detail is taken care of and that every part of the activation is on brand and delivers your key messages to your target market.
We use our combined creative talents to ensure that your brand and product message is received and understood by your target audience with clarity.

“I wanted to express my honest and sincere thanks and congratulations to all of you. The biggest compliment that I can pay is that it played out exactly as envisaged".
Dennis Price - Lend Lease

Ensuring your message gets through is just one part of the service we provide. At Eventify our suppliers bring their combined knowledge and expertise to your activation or event to ensure everything goes as planned.

We aren’t afraid of being
We are afraid of being
the same as everyone else