Events that transport your guests to another reality

Eventify will design, build and activate an event that will captivate and transport your guests. Engage them as they have never been before and all on budget.

We will redefine what fun is

We will redefine what fun is

Experience the Difference

Eventify designs events that are there to take guests on a journey.
Eventify understands the value of storytelling and how to make that an integral part of every event.
Each event has a defined beginning, middle and end pulling your guests through.

From themed entertainment, to great music. From customised catering, to lighting and set design, Eventify is well known for it's ability to design events that entertain, entrance and engage at all levels.
Eventify specialises in it's ability to create an alternate reality for your guests.
A space to play, work and enjoy. A place for guests to lose themselves in and above all... have fun!

"...I wanted to thank you for a fantastic job. Never in our wildest dreams did we think this party could be so fabulous! Why was it so fabulous and so good - because you made it that." Petrina Austin - Diageo

Let Eventify take you on a journey. Let Eventify work with you to design, create and build a themed space that will transform your venue, catering, entertainment and experience to the concept of your choosing!

A Truly
Let Eventify
Create it for you