about the project
The Brief
  • Create an experience that is not forgotten
  • Surprise guests and keep them guessing
  • Deliver amazing and abundant catering on all levels
The brief was to create and activate a party that delivered on various fronts.

The food and drinks had to be of the highest quality, with enough that everyone left full.
The room had to look amazing and the environment had to be inclusive for a range of guest tastes.

For this, Eventify chose the Overseas Passenger Terminal with it’s stunning panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House.
The event was done as a progressive reveal, with guests arriving to a slick New York style space with bespoke branded bars, cocktails, canapes and the sexy sounds of a harp mixed with beats.

This then revealed, to the main room with a large black central bar and multiple food stations. Dessert was a dark ambient alcove off the main room with incredible views, a whisky bar and the choice of a magnificent cheese, coffee and dessert station, each offering amazing fair.
Another stand out, was the 30 foot screen and a made to order 3D video of all the clients achievements around Australia.

From amazing music, to a secluded out of the way cigar and whisky lounge, the result was a very happy audience and a sensational party!

This was a night, not to be forgotten!

«We were very happy with Eventify ... I can highly recommend them. I found Stu easy to deal with, very thorough, especially with the finer details that we tend to forget. He even managed to keep me calm the many times I was tearing my hair out at this end

Helen Bonney

Parkview Group