about the project
The Brief
  • The trip should be unique, a trip that cannot be bought
  • The trip must be 5 star all the way
  • The program must have something for everyone
The concept for this program was to drive delegates to participate in the 12 month lead up to the event, in order to accumulate as many points as possible.

In order to drive sales, Eventify was tasked with creating a program trip guests could not buy. A trip that delivered on all fronts - food, travel and experience, all at the VIP level.
For this Eventify chose as its destination: Las Vegas! The quintessential VIP experience.

The experience started with teaser comms and videos. Guests were reminded at other industry functions of the destination using specialised and targeted entertainment. Guests also received regular buying and point updates.
Accommodation was 5 star as was transfers. From a private VIP function in the Hollywood Hills, to a lunch in the Nevada Desert with guests delivered there on 25 helicopters, this was a trip no one would forget.

Amazing food experiences, mixed with real life movie & TV star experiences, also played a part in this event. From private niteclub buy outs, to racing in production sports cars, a wedding vow renewal officiated by Elvis and last but definitely not least, a Gala Dinner with Liza Minnelli show, this incentive program lived on long after all the guest returned to Australia.

Eventify spent 12 months in consultation with the client to ensure that every aspect of the event was on brand and delivered what it was meant to.
Small details included branded retro 1970 style cabin bags, specially branded gambling chips for use in Las Vegas, VIP entry to an array of clubs on the strip and a post trip package that included a thank you gift and photos of the event.

«Huge thanks .... for the wonderful trip you put on! It really was first class, great activities - excellent communication all along, and completely insane, memorable experiences!
Loved the overall theme - with one of my favourite all time meals right at the very end at The Golden Steer - best steak ever!

Mark Powell

Head of Sales