about the project
The Brief
  • Design and build an annual dinner each year
  • Each event needs to reflect both the Society and the incumbent President
  • The event needs to engage the membership and its varied demographic
Working with the Law Society of NSW over a long period of time means that we understand their needs, the event and their audience intimately. This has created an atmosphere of mutual trust and resulted in a more creative environment from which to create.

We have worked with the Law Society to create events that helped position the Law Society as a defined voice in the marketplace.

Eventify's long term relationship with the Law Society of NSW has meant Eventify has been able to push the envelope on styling and design for The Law Society of NSW and their events. Creating spaces that surprise and delight their guests. Giving free reign to creativity, is based on mutual trust and understanding. Working like this gives a creative agency like Eventify, the ability to see the brands potential and where it can go, rather than where is was.

«We have had the pleasure of working with Eventify for over 15 years. Eventify's professionalism and creativity never disappoint; but what we appreciate the most is their flexibility and attention to detail...»