about the project
The Brief
  • Create two events, every 12 weeks on the same day for up to 3,000 people
  • Each event to take place in a different state on a rotating basis
  • The event needs to engage the membership and each one needs to be different
This activation spanned 3 years and was activated every 12 weeks around Australia. For this event there was a daytime aerobics workout in the morning, followed by an evening awards night, both for between 1500-3500 guests.

These events required high logistical solutions with such things as multiple stages, power sources, lighting, audio, power, waste and guest management. These projects also included transportation of staff and crew around Australia.

Each event needed to be on brand and embody the core values of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT brand. This was pretty straight forward for the daytime aerobic workout. However, this meant working with catering companies and venues to ensure that food and beverage were on brand and complied with the health and calorie choices of 12WBT. Things such as RSA, guest safety and an understanding that most guests had been on very restrictive diets for the last 12 weeks also played a crucial role in developing the night.

««Thanks to you and your crew for pulling off such a well run event. Best event ever! Your professionalism reflects well on our program and is noticed by our members. Well done!.».»


CEO & Founder 12WBT