about the project
The Brief
  • Completely transform the space
  • Create & design a private party in a private home
  • Transport the guests to an Arabian tent
Eventify was approached to create and design a 40th birthday party in a private home. The party for 65 guests was to transport them to another reality, totally transform the home space and deliver a party that the host could just turn up to.

Eventify created three spaces, within this harbour side home. The driveway entry, the garage and the living room.

The driveway was transformed using lighting, 4 metre palm trees, a live camel and performers.
In both the garage and the living room, each space was completely draped and had ceiling drapes to give the feeling of a tent. Carpets were laid and styling elements used to turn a standard 2 car garage and a modern living room into Bedouin tents.
Entertainment on the night included, fire dancers, an authentic Egyptian band, roving entertainment in keeping with the theme, a bespoke cocktail bar and not to be forgotten… a camel!
Guests were moved to different spaces as the night progressed. Each time the room was re built for them, with guests ending up back in the dining room with a DJ and stage for dancing.

The living room was transformed into a Bedouin tent delivering amazing Arabic food served on low tables and cushions.
Guests had arrived in costume and dined on shared platters whilst listening to traditional Arabic music.
After dinner, desert was back in the garage with a choice of amazing delicacies and Arabic coffee, then back into the living room with all tables cleared for a dance floor and stage to watch a fire show with pyrotechnics and dance the night away.

«...My party exceeded all my expectations! You have magical abilities!! Thank you so much for all the hard work, for transforming my home into an amazing oasis and for delivering such great service! ..»


Private Client