about the project
The Brief
  • 864 Guests, 6 restaurants, on Woolloomooloo Wharf
  • Design and build a charity concert on a heritage wharf
  • The event needs to work around the existing restaurants and residents
In 2011, Eventify was engaged by the Sony Foundation to help design and produce the prestigious Warf4Wards Charity event. 864 Guests over 6 restaurants on the heritage listed Woolloomooloo Wharf. These events required high logistical solutions with such things as multiple stages, power, lighting, audio, power, waste and guest management.

Guests arrived at midday for a four hour lunch and show on the wharf and then went to Blu Hotel for an after party that finished late into the night.

Each event needed to be on brand for both the charity and Sony Foundation. The event needed to work around local residents and also the restaurants operating on the Wharf with a strict “no work times” being enforced.

Building a stage on a heritage listed wharf,also meant schematics, engineering sign off and liaising with various bodies were required to ensure no damage was done to the wharf and that it could handle the weight.

Due to the size and structure of the wharf, the sound system was specifically designed and set up to ensure all guests got perfect sound on the day without getting “blasted” away. At all times in both pre-production, set up and during the event, the wharf had to be kept “open” to residents posing an additional security and management issue.

From dealing with a joint venture that included: Sony Foundation, The Sony Group, local residents, City of Sydney Council, SHFA, and the board for the Wharf, to submitting complex DA’s, Eventify navigated this all with success.
A four day bump, a 10 metre square concert stage, an integrated audio system and a 15 man camera crew & vision system, were all part of the event.

On the day Eventify managed entertainment, suppliers, locals, celebrity MC’s and guests to create an event that raised $550,000 for the YOU CAN charity.

«A huge thank you for all your help with the planning, programming, and execution of Wharf4Ward. You have gone above and beyond to make it a huge success. This event could not have been possible without each of you Congratulations and thank you!..»


National Events Manager Sony Foundation